Making time in private life

In everyday life it should be a little easier for you to free up time for your business idea. If your apartment or house looks like 98% of your fellow human beings, then you have a television, an Internet-enabled computer, a smartphone and maybe even a game console. First of all, calculate how many hours you would have per day and per week if you DO NOT use the TV and the game console and only use the computer and your smartphone for three things: for realizing your business idea, for meeting people who are really good for you and for life-threatening emergencies. Nothing else.

According to Statista, people in Europe watch between 2 hours (Switzerland) and 5 hours (Romania) of television a day. In Germany, people use the internet for 3 hours (all people over 14 years) to 6 hours (14-29 years) a day. In addition, there may be additional time for computer games and other applications on smartphones. The chance is therefore high that with a little discipline and completely free of charge you could free up 2 hours a day in your private life without sacrificing active time with your family.

If you want to change your life – and nothing else is your decision to change your job – then this is a good time to tackle some other things that have been bothering you for a long time. You should only concentrate on those things that are practically easy to change. (e.g. it is known to be difficult and painful to stop smoking. You should tackle such things when you have successfully completed the challenge). Here are some things I would recommend. They are good for you and give you more freedom for yourself and your plans:

  • Cancel memberships that no longer mean anything to you. If there are things that you have committed yourself to (e.g. a club), but which are no longer important to you, but are even a burden to you, then terminate them. Even if it is difficult for you, because you are supposedly disappointing other people (e.g. club members): It will give you a stronger feeling of freedom and self-determination.
  • Think about the people you spend time with and how good they do you. Friends are very important for satisfaction and health and you should cultivate your good friendships and never sacrifice them for your work. But often people sneak into your life, robbing you of energy, burdening you and always leaving you with a bad feeling when you have met or talked to them on the phone. Even if it takes a great deal of effort. Separate yourself from them and use the time for yourself or for people who are good for you. Often these “energy suckers” make you feel responsible for them or make you feel bad if you turn them down. Don’t let this put you off. It will do you good and give you more self-confidence if you decide for yourself and your life with whom you spend your time.
  • Hand over tasks that are not close to your heart. Think about what tasks and work you do in your everyday life and whether someone else can take over. For example, your children could be taken to school or sports by the parents of other children (alternating with you), hire a cleaning lady to do this work for you, maybe there are other people who enjoy the work you have to hand in (e.g. gardening) or who like to do it for a small fee (e.g. young people in the neighborhood). Be creative and dare to ask for help. It works better than you think!
  • Learn to appreciate “boredom” and from now on avoid forms of distraction that always make you feel a little bad afterward: zapping for hours or watching Netflix and then regretting not doing anything “decent” again? Lost in the Facebook stream, Pinterest or Instagram and thought: “Oh dear, it’s that late?” Didn’t know what to do and just turned on the Playstation for a second? In every little break in the waiting room, at the bus stop, in the train always the smartphone at hand to read the news? Try an experiment starting today: Leave these “distractions” for two weeks. See what happens. Where do you start itching in your fingers and on what occasions would you like a shot of media? Hold out and look around. Notice what’s happening around you and just wait and see what thoughts come up (besides those that want to take the phone out of your pocket). And use this time for your 120-day-challenge.
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