How, where, and when do you want to work?

A decisive factor for your business idea is the place where you want to work. If it is important for you to work at your place of residence without commuting long distances, then you are more restricted than if you are also willing to move. Think carefully about what is important to you at the place of work. Are you willing to commute? Is it important for you to meet other people at work or is the home office more attractive to you? Would you like to work in an office or rather outside? Would you like to be in one place all the time or would you prefer to be able to travel to different places? Should this be within your country of residence or do you prefer to travel abroad?

What are your firm commitments? Being single you have other degrees of freedom than if you have to support a family with several children. Perhaps you are also tied down because you have relatives to care for or other obligations that you do not want to give up? These obligations make demands on your time flexibility (e.g. to be available at short notice for a sick child) or the possibility to work from home (e.g. to care for a parent). Keep in mind that we are talking about your working hours after you have already quit your old job and work 100% in the new job. During the 120-day Challenge itself, you need much less time.

Working hours
When would be a good time for you to work and how many hours would you like to spend on your work? If you want to look after your children after they return from kindergarten or school, your possible working hours are probably limited to 4-5 hours in the morning and sometime in the evening. Make sure you know how many hours you want to work daily or weekly, minimum and maximum.

Many people would like to escape their jobs in order to have time for traveling. They dream of living in a completely different part of the world for half a year or a whole year and getting to know the country and its people. There are also many business ideas for this, which I will discuss in detail in a later post. So if you want to belong to the globetrotters who lead a relaxed life in Asia, South America or anywhere else in the world, this is one of the central constraints for your business idea.

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