Achieve 80% of your results in 20% of your time

You would need another 80% of your time/energy/money to reach the last 20% of your score, but this is not necessary for 95% of all tasks.

This important principle was developed by the economist Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923). He found out that many tasks can be completed with a resource input of about 20% so that 80% of all problems are solved. This 20/80 distribution can also be found in many distributions. For example, about 20% of humanity owns 80% of the assets, 20% of customers often provide 80% of the turnover, 20% of products provide 80% of sales, etc.

Make use of this insight to use your energy efficiently, both in your professional life and in your private everyday life.

At any given moment there are only a few important tasks

At any given time, there are always only a small number of tasks that are urgent and important. At the same time, there is always any number of tasks that are unnecessary, but which one would like to do in order to have the satisfying feeling of being “busy”.

Think about your work for a moment: If you add up all the time that you are really productive in a day, how many hours or minutes does it add up to? How much time do you waste on things that are neither important nor urgent and don’t help your company and customers at all? Meetings, reading, answering and sorting e-mails, searching for documents, reading reports, etc. What is the tangible result at the end of the working day where you think: It was worth going to work for?

Unfortunately, in many cases, this is little or nothing. This is partly due to work habits but usually also to a large extent to the work organisation and culture of the employer. You can improve your actions. you cannot change your employer, but you can leave of course. And that’s exactly what I recommend to do in that order: Improve your actions at work to be more effective in your job and to gain more time for yourself and your own business idea. And only quit when you feel confident to get on with your new job. This way you improve your work habits first and use the safety of your current job as a launchpad into your own business.

How much time do you need for your business idea?

It has proven to be a good idea to start small and to slowly increase the amount of work for your own business idea. This allows you to gradually free up time for yourself – both privately and at work – and there is also less to do at the beginning than later, when your business is slowly taking shape.

For the 120-Days-Challenge I´ve developed you only need one hour a day for the first three weeks, From the fourth week on, you will need two hours on a few days and from the third month on, three hours sometimes. I always keep the weekends free so that you can fully concentrate on your family and hobbies, relax, and clear your head. The 120-Day-Challenge should be a fun challenge and motivate you to continue to implement your plan successfully. Because I don’t want to send you from one hamster wheel to the next!

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